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Your specialist and manufacturer for ENT instruments from Tuttlingen

Our quality instruments are always and traditionally "Made in Germany".

Surgical instruments manufacturer of ear, nose, throat (ENT)

Our medium-sized company has specialised in surgical instruments for operations in the throat area. As ENT (ear, nose and throat)-instruments manufacturer from Germany, we develop and manufacture instruments in Wurmlingen near Tuttlingen. Our surgical instruments are known for outstanding quality, precision and durability:

  • Mouth gags with tongue blades
  • Mouth gags
  • Tonsillotomes
  • Tonsil snares (ear and nose polyp snares)
  • Tourniquets, Stylets
  • Adenotomes

We export these ENT (ear, nose and throat)-instruments made in germany world-wide to our satisfied customers.

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Since 1889, we have been successfully developing, producing and selling surgical instruments. Our core competence is in instruments for operations in the throat area, such as mouth gags, tonsillotomes, tonsil snares, tourniquets (stylets) and adenotomes. Our customers include leading distributors of surgical instruments.